Bulleh Shah and Punjabi music

Bulleh Shah has been my father’s favourite poet. I remember listening to his songs as a kid. Whenever possible,he used to make all of us huddle up on one bed, switch off all the lights, and sing songs, either solo or in pair. I was introduced to punjabi songs at that young age. Bulley Shah was a frequently uttered name. Though I didnt understand much, yet I used to be moved to tears(a well kept secret from my family). The credit goes to the poignancy with which my father used to sing. We listened to old punjabi folk, Mohammad Rafi, Lata and many other legends. One verse from Amrita Pritam’s poem that he used to sing very often and I specifically remember is:

aj aakhan waaris shah nooN kito.n qabra.n vicho.n bol!
te aj kitab-e-ishq da koi agla varka phol!

ik roi si dhii punjab dii tuu likh-likh mare vaiN
aj lakkha.n dheeyan rondian tainuu.n waaris shah nooN kahaN!

uTh darmandaN diaa dardiiaa uTh tak apNa punjaab!
aj bele laashaa.n vichiiaa.n te lahu dii bharii chenaab!

kise ne panja paaNia.n vich dittii zahir rala!
te unhaa.n paaNiaa.n dharat nuu.n dittaa paaNii laa!

jitthe vajdii phuuk pyaar di ve oh vanjhli gayi guaach
ranjhe de sab veer aj bhul gaye usdi jaach

dharti te lahu vasiya, qabran payiyan choN
preet diyan shaahazaadiiaa.n aj vich mazaaraa.n roN

aj sab ‘qaido’ baN gaye, husn ishq de chor
aj kitho.n liaaiie labbh ke waaris shah ik hor

aj aakhan waaris shah nooN kito.n qabra.n vicho.n bol!
te aj kitab-e-ishq da koi agla varka phol!

courtesy: http://www.shayri.com/forums/printthread.php?s=6910f30f946edfda55afb33f143b6d7e&threadid=30610

The ease with which these words touch a listener’s heart is remarkable.

In college, I was exposed to another variant of Punjabi folk: the bhangra/gidda, the kind that makes you yearn to dance. I could spend hours dancing on those!! But I would admit, it was the music and not the lyrics that attracted me. In fact, I owe my Engineering Mathematics examination preparation to such bhangra tracks. The long, tardy sums took a lifetime to solve, and these tracks made the journey easier!

And then the great revolution happened….

The music channels discovered that gelling bhangra music with vulgar videos is the best formula to boost TRP ratings. Every second album that came out had bhangra beats in it. And to sell this sub-class product, we had semi-clad firang babes. It did change the perception that people had for Punjabi music. The equation changed to:
Punjabi music = nasal voice + loud beats + vulgar videos

“Dil dukhda hai vekh vekh kar yaaran deeyan rusvaaiyan
Chhad ke chali gayi khushiyan mainu, pichhe reh gayi parchhaiyan”

One thought on “Bulleh Shah and Punjabi music

  1. Hi Puja

    Thanks for your comment. Well, PunjabiFirst was a blog setup by me and other 2 guys. But due to some reasons, we haven’t started posting yet. I have one personal blog http://amardeepsidhu.com/punjabiat/ about Punjabi where i try to be regular in posting. You might find it interesting.

    Yes, really they have made something else in the name of this Punjabi and that is what message others get that Punjabi is like this. These people are damaging everything.

    & your baby is so cute šŸ™‚

    Your blog is also interesting…i went through few of the posts. I also write a blog at http://amardeepsidhu.com/personal. Do pay a visit šŸ˜‰

    Keep reading and commenting…


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