8783.jpg The other day, I was watching a wild-life program on NatGeo. It featured hunting down of a zebra by a group of lions. Though expected from such a program, I found it difficult to sit through the gory sight. Just think, the zebra was very much alive even after the lions had bitten off a major part of its flesh..I still remember its meek struggle and failed attempts to get free.But then, they were lions.. this is what they are supposed to do for food, unlike the villagers of Kherlanji (http://atrocitynews.wordpress.com/dna-khairlanje-massacre/) . They had bitten, beaten, raped and murdered a 17year old school-girl, her mother, and two brothers. This is exactly what she would have felt, and suffered while they were tearing off every ounce of flesh on her body.
The reason behind this horrible incident had nothing to do with the perpetrators’ urge to survive, but it was to “teach a lesson” to the family that had defiantly decided to save their honour.What can lead to so much hatred in a human being? We might be biased against a particular community/caste We might even have jokes/comments on them.. but how can it get magnified to the extent of killing them?? And that too, in such a brutal manner?

I believe that all of the villagers (including the women who were the mute spectators), should be punished severely. This might not be the “rarest of rare” case, but it certainly should be treated like one, given the pre-meditative nature and brutality of the crime. I still have some faith left in our Judicial system. So, I am hoping and praying that may justice be done to the young girl and her family…

(pic taken from NatGeo website)

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