Allergens @ work

A (in a hyper-excited tone): Puja, we have to finish off that module-test today itself.
Me (surprised): Is it? but wasnt that supposed to be done next week? I had planned ..
A (not quite in the mood to listen): yes yes. but if we do it early, we would get more time to analyze.
Me: But I had planned ….
A (still not interested in my plans!): ok, so you do the basic configuration and I would execute the module, then we can analyze the report.
Me (getting a little agitated now): Hey, wait a minute. I had planned certain other tasks for myself.
A (dissappointed): Oh ok. So when do we do it?
Me (getting some control over the situation now): I would check my tasklist and then let you know.

After the test is done:

A (confused, teary eyed): I dont understand 😦
Me (obviously concerned): What happened???
A (tears brimming): How can this happen?
Me (losing patience): But what happened?
A: Did you see the report? That query is getting parsed 100 times! Why? what went wrong? we used the bind variables and did proper settings
Me (relieved): Oh that! dont worry, it is all soft parse. dont worry much about it.
A (still not convinced): But there is so much latch contention.. what would we do about it? I am really worried
Me : See, the latch contention happens because of the DML and ..
A: DML?? but we dont have any DML getting executed in this module.
Me: not necessarily this module, someone else …
A: who else?
Me: Someone else might be doing some dml …
A (with great conviction): NOT POSSIBLE
Me (surprised): as in?
A:I am the only one executing this module
Me: So does that mean no one else is using the application?
A: Application – yes. but not this module
Me: That doesnt matter.
A: why? we are concerned with only this module
Me: but this module is getting data from the database which is accessed by other modules of the application. so, there can be some contention ..
A: what contention
Me: that is what I was trying to explain
A: I dont get it
Me: ok. then please listen to the explanation …
A: how can it be solved?
Me: There are different approaches, let us take them one by ..
A(no nonsense): ok. so let us do the test again
Me: what????
A: yes, let us do it again and try to find the problem
Me: But we have found the problem. We have to now concentrate on getting the solution.
A: yes yes, but let us run it again.
Me : hmmm
A: so do we do it now?
Me: hmmm. let me do this – restart the database. restart the application, and THEN we run the test.
A: Ok.would that help?
Me (trying to put on a convincing smile): yes yes, why not! (it would definitely help me in getting some time off your eccentricities!)
A(finally sounding happy): Ok, we would do it again.

5 thoughts on “Allergens @ work

  1. Gurdas says:

    Classic! 🙂

    You could have also said “OK, you start the retest, while I go and get some coffee for myself” …. and meet some real people while I am doing that.

    I just could not help smiling when I read
    “A (confused, teary eyed): I dont understand ”

    Poor chap. Really, you should not be so harsh so people around you.

    I am eager to know how the restest went …. and how is ‘A’ doing now.

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