She – II

(contd from “She -I” …)

And then, I met “her”. She got married at an early age, and was soon blessed with a beautiful baby. She lives with her family in a house that they bought just before their son was born. Having all the possible comforts, and most importantly, the tag of a happily married woman, can she be labelled as truly happy? Again, I am not so sure.

She is termed as a liability on her husband, who is the only earning member for the family. She cooks daily for the family, but that is just her duty. She takes care of everyone, but then isnt she supposed to do that? She is the centre of her family, yet she dreams of escaping it. She is tied down by her responsibilities, and still she is lured constantly by her dreams. Can this be called as the state of true happiness? No, I dont think so.

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