Stay in touch

Three words – so meaningful, and yet so thoughtlessly spoken.
A friend of mine said these words to me a few years back while she was leaving for her husband’s place. She had stayed with me for a couple of years before getting married. We did stay in touch for quite some time, as in calling up each other once in a while, or writing emails to share our thoughts, experiences and other aspects of life. But then, things changed, and our once close friendship gave way to formal exchange of greetings. And now, its only the forwarded mails that bind us together.
I got a call from her a few days back. She wanted to know why I don’t keep in touch with her anymore. I was taken aback by this sudden accusation. And that is the reason why I decided to send a mail back to her saying if forwarded emails was her idea of “keeping in touch”. I am still waiting for the reply.

This is the latest trend in “staying in touch” these days. If you visit the orkut profile of a friend then it actually means  that you were “thinking”about him/her. You give a missed call  on someone’s mobile, it would again translate into your interest in talking to the person concerned. Though all these dont make much sense to me, yet I give them the benefit of doubt in their intentions of personally interacting with their friend. But forwarded emails? How can a forwarded email which has no personal message whatsoever and which has your name along with fifty others in the mailing list to which it is sent, be thought of as a personal act of keeping in touch? I guess I would never understand whether these people are so ahead of their times that they have left the idea of personal interactions behind or is it me who still lives in the old fashioned world.

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