Uncle mat kaho na!!

I am so glad to finally have someone acknowledging and depicting the fact that men too are insecure of their age!!

Watch it here

4 thoughts on “Uncle mat kaho na!!

  1. Was this a secret ever? You could have asked me, it happens every other day 🙂

    Heres a recent one:

    I am standing nervously at the edge of a busy road trying my hard to cross. After lingering for a few seconds I had just kept a foot ahead that there zoomed towards me two young females (age 14-16). The rider sreamed “Uncle dekho na!” and missed me by a hair’s breadth. Totally, unaware that I was saved from a long stay at the hospital, all I could blurt out was a marinated in disbelief (and dejection) “Uncle?”

    Too loud, the pillion heard me and she repeated it to the rider…. followed by a hearty laugh which left me sheepishly giggling …

    Uncle: (adj) dreadful and finalistic words for a bachelor.

  2. 🙂 yes, but the joke is always on the females, isn’t it? Do you remember that hair dye ad where they keep echoing “Aunty Aunty Aunty”!!! And make the women buy the product to help conceal their real age!!

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