My first poem

This is the first poem that I ever wrote. I don’t remember the year, but it was during my school term. I got it published in a newspaper (The Tribune). It got me my first earning (Rs. 50), but it also led to raising of a few eyebrows at home, as they thought I was writing out of my own experience, which was not entirely true. It also led to a mental block which has prevented me from sharing my poems with my father till date, as I felt that he was hurt by the lines I wrote. I guess he took it too personally.
Is it only for me?

The frustration, the helplessness and
the anger of being weak.
The paradox of society’s rules and norms,
Is it only for me?

The so-called goodness,
the submissive character,
the degraded behavior,
Is it only for me?

What do “they” think I am?
A beast of burden?
A used and re-used commodity?
Are all the responsibilities only for me?

The chains and shackles of social limits,
the limits to my freedom.
I can’t become what I want to be.
Does that mean I’ll never be free?

I would like to live the life of a bird
rather than to be a girl.
‘Cause then I’ll be really free
And life would be fair to me.

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