Mind your kids, please…

I love kids. I love running after them, and them running after me. It is definitely a delight to have kids visiting you at home. I don’t mind them jumping on the bed and messing up the bedsheets, I also have no issues with them screaming at top of their voices to reach to that glass vase I love. This is what kids are supposed to be like. I understand their tantrums, and am all willing to play to their whims.  I don’t mind even bad-mannered kids. BUT I have one major issue. I can’t stand the parents who come to my home with their kids and leave them to my care, without bothering to take any interest in what their kids are up to. Now, I don’t doubt my capabilities in handling kids, but I most certainly expect the parents to be a little more responsible and not shrug off their responsibility as parents once they go to visit other people.

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