Recently saw an ad on t.v – a child wondering what career to choose, his decision changing every time something new catches his fancy. It somehow took me back to my own school days. Instead of my father, it were my friends who had to suffer my fickle mindedness! My career options ranged from the conventional doctor, engineer types to the then emerging fields like mass communication, column writer, news reader etc..
I am back on a similar crossroad again. This time the question is not “what” career to choose, rather “whether” to choose it or not. I am sure it hits every woman of my age who is awaiting a baby or already has one. There are relevant arguments supporting either side,  and that is what makes this decision a rather tough one. No matter what path you choose, there are bound to be guilt pangs. So, it doesn’t really help much if  you are blessed with supportive parents and in-laws, the pain of leaving your child behind while you go for work would be immense. Similarly, not choosing to work would have its own bearing on you, which may lead to frustration at a later stage. The debate between Stay-At-Home mother and a working mother would never end, which leads me to formulate my own permutations and combinations that would make my family’s life a little more easier and guilt-free…

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