I am off Orkutting !!

I have committed “Orkut Suicide”. To put it in lesser complicated words, I am off Orkutting now. I was introduced to Orkut some time last year by a close relative of mine. Initially I was hesitant to join any form of social networking sites, the reason being my own hesitation in being visible to so many people. I finally did yield to his requests and joined Orkut. The experience was pleasant and it was great interacting with old friends, though meeting new people through this medium never did appeal much to me. It also gave me a great opportunity to get back in touch with one of my best friends whom I had lost touch with years ago. I had been moderately active, despite my own fear that I would soon get scared of being out there in open. And now finally it has happened. I have started getting tired of being socially active, and hence decided to retreat in my own world.

I have kept my blog though!

Getting the blog of my own was another major step for me. I had shared my thoughts, feelings and views with friends, and more often than not, it was a much publicized stuff, which did hurt me initially considering that it was a breach of trust between me and them. And so I decided that to get over such incidents, I have to be able to accept my own thoughts publicly. That was when the idea of getting the blog struck me. It might not sound as a big deal now, but it definitely was a difficult decision for me. Each and every thought that I put down in word would not be kept locked in my journal anymore. It would be out there for public scrutiny. There would be judgments made – some kind and others not so kind. I have tried to run away from such judgments all my life. But now, I am there to face them. It does unnerve me at times. But I want to find out whether I can survive it or not. I wonder if like my Orkut account, this too shall face a tragic death in near future.

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