Voice of India

I don’t watch much of television these days. Somehow, I have grown averse to watching the similar political dramas, mob fury incidents, hit-and-run cases, and of course the soap-operas that are very difficult to tolerate. I do watch “Voice Of India” on Star Plus though. I can’t claim to have watched each and every episode, yet I do follow it rather closely. I find the quality of this particular contest to be much better than others like “Indian Idol” or “SaReGaMa”. The contestents are really good and most of them have a good classical training behind them. While this program too has had its share of judges fighting with each other(to boost TRPs perhaps!), celebrity judges who know absolutely nothing about music, and praise every contestant with the same expression of “Mind Blowing”, “Fascinating”, “Awesome”, “Out of this world” etc, yet I really did enjoy the show since the very beginning. I did feel bad that a few good contestants had to be rolled off thanks to the format asking for public votes, yet I as an audience have been kept engaged and hooked. The count has now been reduced to two with Ishmeet and Harshit contesting for the top position. I find Ishmeet’s voice to be very soft and smooth on ears. But it is not trained well enough. I am no expert in music, but can certainly say that he is good for only a certain kind of romantic melodies and can’t pull off the difficult numbers with equal ease. Harshit, on the other hand is a perfect playback singer, something which we (the entire family who sits and watches the program) agreed to in unamity from the first day we heard him singing. I really hope that the program-organisers give more weightage to the judge’s decision(who I have heard is none other than Lata Mangeshkar herself), and less on the public voting(which more often than not is laced with regional flavor).

One thought on “Voice of India

  1. sudhir saxena says:

    Who will be the Voice Of India Champion
    The whole show was not talent driven
    But it was driven by Mob voting which always gets governed by emotion/ excitement and not by merits/ demerits of the participents performance

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