Welcome 2008!

I am all set for the coming year! In fact, everything is already planned out! There are travel plans for Feb, April, Oct, and perhaps Dec too.. And of course, our family members have chalked out their own plans as well! All this to facilitate as many meetings as possible with the youngest member of our clan!!So, despite being possibly hectic, the coming year (Oh ! its already here.. I should have posted this earlier!) is holding  lots of promises for our entire family. There are weddings to look forward to, Pujos. And other such special events..

As far as the customary New Year resolutions are concerned, I have made none this time. For all these years, I had been making long to-do lists. And when I re-evaluated that at the end of the year, I used to feel incomplete and worthless. But this year, with no list to follow, I am feeling so much lighter and full of energy! There are no expectations to live up to.. And there are no deadlines to be met. I have decided to live and enjoy in the bubble of happiness, however fragile it might be.  So, all the negative thoughts and worries can wait for now. I am too busy gathering moments of bliss!

Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year!

2 thoughts on “Welcome 2008!

  1. Vilombita Sarcar says:

    Hmmm! busy lady. Excited about an opportunity to meet the little one. Diya would define the resolution from now on…!


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