Post-Partum depression

No, I am not suffering from it.

I never believed in Post-Partum depression. In fact, I used to rubbish any such case that was mentioned in blogs/articles or even medical journals. I believed that having a child is the most positive thing that can happen to a woman, and in no ways can it lead to something as negative as depression.

But I have started to understand the mindset of any such depressed woman now.  Before the child enters the world, the woman is pampered to the hilt by her family. A single instance of sneezing can see the entire family getting alarmed and concerned. But afterwards, the child takes the centrestage, and the woman is sidelined. That is where things go wrong. I don’t understand why families sometimes forget that the child comes from and is nurtured by his/her mother, and that her well being would in turn affect the child. I know of certain diets that are strictly followed by certain cultures that are good for the baby, but in turn do nothing to strengthen the mother’s body post delivery. I am amazed. How can they not understand that a weak or unwell mother cannot take care of the child properly. Her diet has to be proper.

To repeat my assertion –  I am not suffering from any post-partum depression. But of late I have come across many views and advices regarding how to take care of yourself, your diet, etc etc so that your child can benefit from it. None of them bothered to explain how I can recover from the post-delivery problems. Even when I was down with cough, cold and now fever, I have been told/advised to do x and y stuff so that the milk production doesn’t stop!! Surprisingly, they conveniently forgot that it was me who was not well and needed to get well before anything else. The baby would get her nutrition properly only when I, the mother is healthy. Thankfully, I have a great support of my family – especially my mother who keeps on advising me how to balance the two. According to her, if you take care of the mother properly, the child automatically gets the benefits. She (and of course me) is of the opinion that even when a mother breast-feeds the child, she should not be treated as a milk-producing cow! Give her more respect than that, and I am sure no mother would ever go through depression.

In case you are going through this unfortunate experience, please go for professional help immediately. It can have strike even a seemingly healthy and happy new-mother.  

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