Like any other girl in this country (or perhaps all over the world), I have tried to analyze this perverted tendency in men, and I fail to reach any logical reasoning. I do not understand how brushing against a girl can give them an “ego-boost” or any form of satisfaction. Whistling or passing lewd comments too are beyond my understanding. Perhaps they have the same effect on the perpetrator as using abusive language against someone. It gives a momentary satisfaction of having vented out your frustration. I am ignorant of the “pleasure” one derives from eve-teasing. Is there a hidden rapist in every eve-teaser or is it just a “harmless” fun-activity? I can never tell. But all I know and wish to convey to men is that no woman can ever enjoy it, if that is what they feel (thanks to some bollywood movies, where teasing is the first step towards love-affair). We (women) deserve to breathe the air without being afraid of who we are sharing it with. We should be able to walk on the roads without being conscious about men staring at us. And we should be able to get rid of the thought process that women “invite” such kind of behavior from men. Is it too much to ask from a “civilized” society?

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