– is how I would describe the dance/song competitions that have currently flooded the television..

It is really irritating to see small kids emulating grown-up expressions. I felt the same after watching the little girl in “Cheeni Kum”, and other child artistes of this era. I believe that kids should behave like kids and not act beyond their age. I miss the innocence these days. Somehow, childhood has lost its meaning to a great extent.  In our times (do I sound like an old woman now?!), childhood meant reciting nursery rhymes, swaying to songs sung by parents or played on radio, playing kho-kho with other kids in the colony, and of course scared to demand anything unreasonable from parents (that was usually met with a straight “no” with no scope for further negotiations). These days, it is more about who has the better mobile/play-station/clothes/shoes in the class, dancing to the latest bollywood songs with complete perfection (that includes all the latka-jhatkas that I hate so much) and of course harassing parents so as to get their demands met. I don’t know if it is “evolution” or “devolution” that has led to the kids getting mature at such an early age. But I do know it for sure that it is irritating to the core!

Just an afterthought : I should ask my parents if they felt the same way when we were growing up! 

2 thoughts on “Annoying

  1. Shabnam says:

    Ditto… is what I can say now after reading this 🙂 have been pondering over this for quite sometime and here you are with a well drafted post as always! I mean look at the way life is pacing up…kids are far way matured then we were during our times! It was all phased earlier…Childhood…Teenage…Adolescence…but these days its the opposite….you find a 5 year old kid talking and discussing things the way a matured person would do. Too much of expectations are thrusted upon them and am afraid they would understand the meaning of STRESS much earlier than we did…! The innocence is somewhere lost amidst the rat race…!

  2. Yes, you are absolutely right… Kids don’t know how to live life’s different phases anymore. And that is such a sorry state. Or is it? Who knows whether this is a better or worse way to live!

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