Furious –

– is what I am right now.

Yesterday “Someone” suggested in a very subtle manner that I can consider sending my parents to an old age home to help them cope with the loneliness. Thats because they don’t have any son to look after them. “Someone” even cited certain “real life” examples where such old people have admitted to be happier in old-age homes. It got me burning me with rage. I might not be the perfect daughter to my parents, but I am not bad enough to let them rot in an old-age home. They gave birth to us(now I know the pain and emotions involved in the process of giving birth), took good care, invested all their money for our future, and have always prayed for our well being. Do we leave them on their own in a place where there is nothing for them to relate to? How would they survive living amidst strangers who have no personal interest in keeping them alive and happy? Would our parents ever send us away to some orphanage, just because they might be having shortage of time/money? Are we such worthless people that we can’t take care of our own parents??? I am angry at myself for being in a position where “someone” is able to tell me such a horrible thing. Being a daughter does put me in a weaker spot as per the society norms, but it doesn’t take away my feelings and responsibilities as a child.

10 thoughts on “Furious –

  1. Shabnam says:

    How can “someone” even dare to say that…or for that matter I am assuming “someone” is totally prepared with his/her offspring referring something like that to him/her? Lord…I would not choose such a person in my nearest surrounding to be with…forget about considering his statement….!

  2. i heard an old saying, if we put our kids in daycare when they are young, because we have no time for them, they will put us in old age homes when we are old because they will have no time for us.

  3. the mad momma:
    Well, I find both daycare and oldage homes scary. Me and my sister spent some time in the daycare that was attached to my mother’s office, and that has made me decide that this is not something I would like to have for my kids. Hence, the decision to quit the job or look for some work-from-home option. I call them “scary” because at such a vulnerable age (both as kid and as an old person), it doesn’t do too good to be surrounded by unknown people and surroundings. One craves for warmth and love that only their home, and loved ones can provide. It reminds me of the feeling of helplessness and loneliness that I felt when I had left home for the first time to stay in a hostel.

  4. getlaidradio says:

    Were they Indian or white? Indian people support their extended families. Thats why they save more and are more prosperous and happier.

  5. getlaidradio:
    Well the person who said this to me is very much Indian, and quite well known for “family values”. Talk about hypocrisy!! I guess it is the changing times and shrinking compassion in people’s heart that makes them believe in and say such stuff…

  6. Swaram says:

    Nonsense! I wonder even in so-called modern era, people distinguish between sons n daughters. I sometimes donno whether to cry/laugh when people stress n ask again when I say I have only a sis. My parents are very happy with us and never ever yearned for a son. Its ridiculous that other people pretend to be more concerned/worried than people involved.

    • Seriously re!! I used to get disturbed earlier, but now ignore it completely… If they don’t have the heart to feel or a mind to understand such basic fact of life, then they are just not worth it!

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