Dear Diya,

You have completed three months today. The ninety one days that I spent with you have been the happiest ones in my life. You were born as a very pretty baby. In fact, I was told by my doctor that yours were the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen!

Diya On Her Birthday (8th Dec 2007)

I did have my share of fear and anxiety as a new mother, especially since you were slightly underweight. But you were strong , in fact lot stronger than me. You never gave up even at times when I felt weak. You also had infant-jaundice that lasted for around three weeks. The intense and uncomfortable phototherapy that you had to go through made me cry at times. In those hard times, I used to see you smile. Yes, you did smile even then. Doctor told me that this was not a conscious smile, but just some facial muscle contracting. I didn’t believe him! I was sure that those smiles were genuine, and that you just wanted me to have the courage to go through all the pain just as you did.

We brought you home after one week.

I was a little apprehensive about my skills as a mother (I am sure most new mothers go through this phase). There were sleepless nights, times when I spent hours together carrying you in my arms as you cried with colic pain. But just one look at your face was enough to make my pains disappear.

Diya - one month old

I remember the first time you had your vaccination shots. I think it was me who did most of the crying!! You screamed for a minute or two and then were back to your normal self! And then came the more painful procedure of getting a blood test done to check LiverFunctioning. I felt my heart breaking into pieces as the two nurses inserted the needle in your hand to take the blood out. It must have been really painful for you, for the tears had wet your entire face. It still hurts me to remember that sight.

When you completed two months, I felt some relief as you gained enough weight to shrug off the “under-weight” tag! You had already started making your preferences clear to us! I could make out when you wanted to be with me and when with your grand-mother(s). Also, you enjoyed being in water! (I am hoping that you would not be like your mother and be scared of deep water later!!) And you were pampered to the hilt! With new dresses almost every day, and luxurious oil massages (Thanks again to the grandmother(s)!) you spent your days filled with love and care.


The cutest display of affection was from your Buro Maa (great-grandmother). She used to scold me when you were asleep, complaining that babies are supposed to play a lot!! She felt jealous when we carried you around, and so scolded us for keeping you away from her! Being in her nineties, she wasn’t strong enough to walk properly. And one fine day she gave us a heart-attack when she came to us carrying you in her arms!!! I was horrified and immediately took you from her, for which I got a nice scolding (yet again!).

You had your first air-journey during this period. Needless to say, it wasn’t easy for me. I was concerned about ear-pain that you could have gone through. But as they say in Bangla – you were “shonar mey”! And I had a smooth flight with you in my arms!

Today you have become three months old.. I have experienced so many emotions in this short period! I believe that you have helped me become a better person. I guess, motherhood does that to you. For instance, I have started making conscious efforts to be a good daughter and also a good daughter-in-law. I have become more aware of the pains mothers go through to bring up their kids. I am thankful to God for giving you to me. Looking forward to a lifetime full of happiness with you!

2 thoughts on “Dear Diya,

  1. Shweta says:

    Hi Puja,

    How are you.I hope you have not forgotten me. You may not believe but I’ve been thinking about you for a long time. And then I remembered that you had your blog site. I didnt remember the URL or any such thing. Nad here google helped me and I could find you. Diya is very cute and lovely kid. Give my love to her. and need not to say that your website is amazing. You have maintained it very well. Many times I really miss u Puja. It was very good to have ur company. So hows everything going on. Pls do reply.

    Take care dear
    Shweta Gupta

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