Are you looking for F1 drivers in India?

Look no further…. You are welcome to Kolkata, the land of racing euphoria! I am surprised at having survived road trips in Kolkata.. A friend of mine recently wrote about traffic situation in Hyderabad. It is no better or worse in cities like Bangalore, Delhi etc. But strangely,I never felt the adrenalin rush in any of these cities like I did in Kolkata! I am a timid person who finds air-journeys a little scary, but given a choice I would prefer a turbulent 24 hour flight to a thirty minute drive from Park Circus to Salt lake city. I can’t give credit to a single person. Everyone from the bus driver to the taxi driver and even the private vehicle owner is out there competing with each other on the road. It is surprising that Vijay Mallya did not hunt for talent in Kolkata while constituting his Force One team !!

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