He – The past

He caught her staring at him and his wife having tea together on their veranda.  Strangely enough, it didn’t cause any flutter in his heart unlike earlier years. He had once loved her with great passion, but with time and rejection it had fizzled out. Was his love really as superficial as it seemed right now? Who was to be blamed? Was it her who was too involved with her new life that she refused to acknowledge his presence, or was there something lacking from his side? He would never know. She turned her face away, pretending to look at the children playing on the road.  He noticed a momentary gleam in her eyes. She had always loved kids. He wondered if she had some of her own. The idea of she being with someone else pained him. He had believed that years of loneliness had made him immune to such feelings. He went inside the house, unable to withstand the flooding of emotions. Did he still love her? No, he did not. But he did feel a tinge of sadness and regret of having let her go so easily. After all, she was his first love.


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