She – The prayer

The bus terminus was as crowded as ever. She felt as if she recognized everyone over there. Her stomach was in knots due to nervousness and anticipation. Would he be there? How would he look like? It had been ten years since she had last met him. They had said an amicable good bye to each other before getting married to their respective spouses, the ones their parents had chosen for them. After all parents know the best. A few days back she had come to know of his divorce. It was an irony, since she too was undergoing divorce procedures. Relationships based on only compromises don’t last for very long. She was not sure if he still loved her. The uncertainty was killing her. The feeling was similar to what she had felt on her first journey to college after she realized she was in love with him, her best friend. She had spent the entire six hours praying to God that he too falls in love with her, and her prayers were answered when she saw him waiting for her at the college bus stop, with flowers in his hand. Can that happen again? Would God listen to her prayers yet again? Would the old mantra still work? Would she have the second chance in life?

6 thoughts on “She – The prayer

  1. Shabnam says:

    Of course…..and mostly it’s a matter of 4 family’s lives respectively. Unless, its an immatured love, it’s very difficult to forget your past and cling on to your compromised present.

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