My First tag…

This one is for you, Abha!

*I am: Puja Thakur, stuck in a different timezone!!!

*I think: that my name is a very BIG part of my identity… and yes, that includes my surname as well

*I know: that I would always have support of my family and friends.

*I want: to let the memories go.. Good or bad, they do hurt.

*I have: my baby with me.. and that is what matters most!

*I wish: we would get rainwater harvesting done in our apartment.. (I am tired of convincing and fighting with everyone in the building for the same 😦 )

*I hate: Lack of compassion

*I miss: Long walks in the college campus with friends, oh! and also the bus journey from hostel to home..

*I fear: that I might lose people I love most

*I feel:Blessed

*I hear: Water overflowing from the overhead storage tank… (I told you we NEED to conserve water, and the people in my building are non-cooperative)

*I smell: Hot tea πŸ™‚

*I crave: for a warm and tight hug!

*I search: for a glam look for myself πŸ™‚ (Too much of simplicity isn’t good, na!)

*I wonder: what did I do to deserve this life!

*I regret: not pursuing post-graduate course

*I love: the comfort zone I am in right now

*I ache: for my parents and their loneliness

*I care: very strongly about environment

*I am not: fashion conscious

*I believe: in getting the most out of what I have..

*I dance: On any Punjabi music…

*I sing: “Ankhiyon ke jharokhon se”.. Ask my college friends, and they would tell you that they have never heard any other song from me!

*I cry: at certain social awareness ads – like the recent one for eye-donation where two kids are enjoying colorful light show and later you realize that one of them is blind..

*I don’t always:
talk so much.. I am otherwise a very quiet person..

*I fight: A lot – with myself..

*I write: Out of pure impulse.. Infact, I never even edit what I write on my blog!

*I win: the argument with silence! (I hate confrontation)

*I lose: All the bets that I have ever placed !!

*I never: can speak aloud the deepest feelings.

*I always: try to find the good that might be hidden beneath the troubled times… ‘wo kehte hain na ki jo bhi hota hai acche ke liye hota hai’ (Corny, isn’t it??)

*I confuse: sometimes… or is it everytime??

*I listen: ALWAYS To certain friends.. The rest – I only hear!

*I can usually be found: reading (whatever printed material comes my way… yes, I read the old news on paper bags as well)

*I am scared: of dogs and deep water.. Everytime we visit Goa, I promise myself to learn swimming πŸ™‚

*I need: to visit more places!

*I lack: the will to get out of the house more often

*I am happy about: the fact that I am alive and comfortable..

I pass on this tag to Gurdas and Shabnam, and Nitin

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