What kind of mindset is this??

Them(with great conviction): Meyr maa baba hi nijer meyer jeebonta barbad kore …
(Translated: The girl’s parents are responsible for spoiling her <married> life)

Me (surprised) : Really? how come?

Them: well, they tend to interfere in their daughter’s life, teach her stuff against in-laws and disrupt peace in the family.

Me (with concealed anger) : And how can you say that?

Them: It happens everywhere these days

Me (confused) : as in?

Them : You can see it all over the television.

Me (ohhh now I get it): Hey come on, that is all fiction

Them: All these serials are based on reality – these writers take inspiration from real people around them

Me: Oh is it? Then how come I haven’t seen anyone sleeping in their heavy saris and jewllery, not even a single case of mistaken identity and plastic surgery..and also no murders in the family..
(with clenched fists: Where is Ekta Kapoor? She has many questions to answer now)

7 thoughts on “What kind of mindset is this??

  1. Nayana says:

    Sorry but then what kind of mindset is this..?? To anything and everything this is the dialogue dished out…

    Someone (with similar conviction): Mundeya nuu kade vee koi farak nahin painda…o ainj hee honde ne..farak to kudiyan nuu painda hai, kudiyan nuu chahida hai kii o har gal baat soch samajh ke kare…ghar kudiyan hi banaundi hai te bigadti vee o hee hai!!

    (translated – Boys are boys…its ok for them to do anything (and get away with it).. Girls should be careful about anything and everything they do or say, its them who make or break a home!)

    Me: Yes, because mothers like you pamper and encourage your sons with senseless love to be like the way they are and women like you find no other option but to give in…its not the men, its women like you dear, who are responsible for this mindset!

    Its not TV or Ekta Kapoor, even before Ekta Kapoor was born, this was the mindset….mentality grows out of habit, helplessness, character of a person and much more, not out of TV serials

  2. 😀

    been so long since i watched TV!! and everytime i do catch it at someone elses ghar, am glad we dont have cable at home! we really arent missing out much!! 🙂

    forget about serials, but i have seen over interference of parents from either side ruining the things for marriage. so yes, it does happen!



  3. Shabnam says:

    It’s all about liberal thinking and attitude..! Wonder when would people get rid of their hypocrisy and double standards…!!They remain oblivious to the fact that their attitude causes damage to a lot of relationships and lingers on for a lifetime…!!!

  4. Shabnam says:

    Yeah one more thing…I hate to watch any of these serials..saas-bahu and any such crap… 😀 they are just a waste of time-investment. Instead watch the beautiful rainfall outside…or get drenched….or for that matter blooming flowers…or a kid playing outside…!! Can’t recommend news channels either…as they have more nautanki to offer 😀 …!

  5. Abha:
    Interference by either side (husband or wife’s family) can be bad for their relationship.. And yes you are right.. it does happen.. But I find it both funny and irritating that it is the girl’s family who gets the blame.. Perhaps it has to do something with the mindset that parents have no right whatsoever on their daughter once she gets married, so any advice from their side is unwelcome, while if the guy’s parents ‘interfere’, it is considered as a family matter..

    I stopped watching all these serial the day ‘Mihir’ died.. No, it was not out of grief, but the reason was that I was disgusted by the way everyone was glued to the T.V (even in my hostel). And I don’t even want to comment on what all goes on in their ‘households’! I cherish the memories of my childhood where we played for hours together in the colony-playground and return to a welcome home, not a place where parents are too busy watching TV..

    Well, blame it on the evolution.. I have evolved myself to be able to tolerate these T.V programs by extracting some humor like the one you mentioned(action replay of turning of face accompanied by Jhankaar beats)! I read your post, and do agree that IF the serial-makers wish, they can turn the program more informative .. but then that won’t earn them TRPs, would it?

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