‘Khuda Ke Liye’

Finally got to see the movie everyone seems to be talking about.. The storyline is really good, but the plot is too lengthy, as if the writer wants to pack everything in it. So you have cross culture marriages/live-ins,  liberal or should I say moderate Pakistanis, plight of women under Taliban regime, conversion of a modern educated young man into a jehadi, racial discrimination after 9/11, and everything else that you might think of! I guess editing was not even considered! And I don’t want to start discussing the acting (in)capabilities of the cast! Except Naseer, everyone gave a rock solid performance (pun intended!).  Still overall a very bold attempt by the film-maker, a lot better than other movies being produced these days..

Khuda Ke Liye

2 thoughts on “‘Khuda Ke Liye’

  1. so many movies get so hyped!

    and if you dont like em, you are duh!! hehe!!

    watched Aamir recently afta so many rave reviews and left quite disappointed!


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