Flying etiquettes

The next time you are flying, please check the tag of your baggage before claiming it from the conveyor belt..It is quite possible that you have plucked someone else’s suitcase.. And in case you have actually done so, please return it back to the airport as soon as you realize it. Chances are that some tired woman with a six and half month old kid is frantically trying to trace her luggage(which lies with you). And when contacted, please do not ask her to locate your hotel at 11:30pm and get her things back, since it was YOU who was careless enough to get the baggage swapped..

8 thoughts on “Flying etiquettes

  1. ouch!!! someone was silly enough to take the wrong bag and then be rude too!

    one kick on the that person’s rear!

    was wondering where you disappaered!


  2. Abha:
    Wish I could have done so (kicking him that is!), but I was too tired and sleepy after the long ride to Bangalore airport and a REALLY turbulent flight..
    I had been to Calcutta to attend a wedding!
    BTW your latest post touched a raw nerve! Just replace walking with yoga 😉

  3. Swati:
    Yes, it was a really bad experience, especially with the airline staff taking too long to trace the person (read culprit!)

    Bangalore has been my home for past 7 years…

  4. Poor you.
    I understand that mistakes happen. But asking you to locate her hotel, and at 11 30?
    Where is this world going? and why were we taught the wrong things about what is right and what is wrong?

    • Well.. it is bewildering.. and yet very amusing to say the least!!! I guess that they thought I belonged to Calcutta (where this happened), was familiar with the place and also had family there..

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