Right to abort?

It is so easy to comment on the ethical aspect of this case, but I feel bad for the mother who has to make such a choice. Whatever be the outcome, she is going to face immense pain and trauma. After all it isn’t easy to let go of your baby after carrying him/her for 24weeks and nurturing with your own self. Neither is watching him/her die a slow death after being brought into this world.

My take on this:

I believe that carrying a child doesn’t give us ownership over its life. It is our responsibility to bring him/her up with as much love and care as possible. Most of the abortions have to be carried out because of carelessness on part of the parents, and so it should be them facing the consequences and not the life that they have ‘accidentally’ created. I also feel that unless it is forced(like in rape), pregnancy should be cherished as a gift of God and not something to get rid of. As for this particular case, I would like to say that parenting is not easy and it hurts to see the baby going through slightest inconvenience. One has to accept that. And when you decide being a parent, you have to be strong enough to face all these problems whether small or big. Running away is not the option…

6 thoughts on “Right to abort?

  1. well for once i disagree totally. its all easy for us to say who have healthy babies (touchwood) and all that jazz.

    the fact that medical science has moved far ahead to detect such anamolies is to give a choice to us.

    can you imagine the physical and mental trauma, both the child and parents will go through?!

    and what about the monetory aspect?!

    i think every woman should have a complete right to decide whether she wants a child or no. simple.

    its even more unfair to bring a child thats not going to be loved and cherished in this world.

    i will tell you a case closer home. M’s mami had her first child who is a thalessemic. the chances that second one will be too are very rare. but in her case it happened and they aborted the 2nd one after 20weeks when they came to know.

    the daughter needs transfusion every 21 days. the whole treatment costs them over 25k per month! imagien having to do it for two!

    kehna bahot aasaan hai ki bhagwaan ki den hai cherish it, nahi?!

    know the saddest part? mami herself died recently due top blood cancer.

    sometime i feel we just shudnt bother about legal recourse in India nad say screw it!

  2. Abha:
    I totally agree with the trauma part. The mother has to go through it whether or not she aborts the baby(as I mentioned in the first few lines of my post).
    My answer to your comment:
    Medical science has indeed touched new heights, and that is exactly what goes in favor of keeping the child born with certain problems. My husband’s cousin was told in her second trimester of pregnancy that the baby ‘might’ have certain blood-related issues. Unfortunately it did happen and the baby has a rare blood-plasma related disease. In initial few months, they could not even find similar cases to guide them forward. But now with the help of some French doctors, they are getting the child treated, and would resort to bone-marrow transplant in few months. Tragic, traumatic, money-sapping : true. But unwanted: no. They child is loved and cherished by everyone in the family and friend circle. Has it changed their life? yes, of course. Perhaps they can’t ‘enjoy’ life the way we do. But they have love of their baby to get them going.

    I agree that every woman should have the choice whether she wants a baby or not. But should she also have the choice of the kind of baby she wants? Who doesn’t wish for a healthy baby? and to carry the argument forward, isn’t the girl child still unwanted in India(for their own practical reasons)? Doesn’t the “uncherished’ and ‘unwanted’ argument hold true then?

    Death is a bitter truth. Our children would die one day. We would prefer that to happen after we are gone, and they have lived their lives to the fullest. But can that really be controlled? Today, we are selecting our babies on the basis of their defects, tomorrow some of us might start doing so on the basis of their attributes. A mother’s love is of the most selfless kinds. Even the lady in question admits that she is fighting this case to spare her kid the trauma of being born with any health problem. But isn’t this taking away the efforts that goes into being a parent? Don’t we all sit through the night to watch after a fever-ridden child? Won’t we continue doing so if the fever persists for a few more days/weeks/months. It would be painful, uncomfortable and distressing, but isn’t this what parents are for?
    I might be sounding a little idealist to you.. But really I am trying to be in this lady’s position and taking this stand. I pray to God that the child is born as healthy as possible and the parents get the strength to go ahead with their lives in most probable manner.

  3. justanothermommydiary says:

    Well – I am on the fence on this one. Personally I could never do it – but as I mentioned in some else’s post, that’s because I have the financial and emotional support that one needs to go through this. I know I have people I can count on to take care of such a child should something happen to me.

    But, I can totally understand the justification of the other side. Sometimes they do it not because it is harder on them but on the child. Imagine a severely handicap child. The parents will care for the child and can go through everything till they are alive. But what happens to him/her after the parents are gone? Who will be ready to bear the financial and emotional burden afterwards? I have 3 such cases in my family/friends – and I pity not the parents – but the child.

  4. @ PUJA

    Very well said, applause!!

    InMyOpinion, the only issue with the individuals to be exact those selfish, self-engrossed individuals, “everything” else can and must be configured to bring up the the child by the parents.

    Today’s money has become a driving factor, here an individual has to decide how much money would satisfy him/her.

    @ ABHA

    Am sorry about the thalessemic child but that’s exception and the child has a medical history. And it’s not ONLY a woman’s prerogative whether to have one or not. Sorry dear it’s NOT that SIMPLE 😉

    The only thing that can bother or could be discouraging could be when your partner excuses him/herself from the beautiful and fulfilling experience, even then YOU as an individual can get through this, think of the all the single mothers and fathers.

    Karne ka ek kaarn aur Na karne key sau

    करने का एक कारण और न करने के सौ

  5. justanothermommydiary:
    It is definitely a difficult thing to decide! In both the cases (keeping the baby or letting it go), the parent and child has to suffer immensely. It is for them to decide on their own..Yes, if it was me (God forbid), I would have kept the baby..

    We can’t really judge people like this. Each one goes through his/her own set of problems and knows what is best to get through them. I am sure if someone decides to get the baby aborted, they would have gone through an intensive thought process.

  6. @ Puja

    Of course, yes, there’s no BIG a problem in today’s time to compromise one’s Personal Freedom 😉

    Like i said, “करने का एक कारण और न करने के सौ” rest is all are exceptions. An you know, they will always be there.

    Hey, Puja may i ask you your maiden name?

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