No English please…..

And now, they have imposed this in Karnataka Assembly as well! Bus numbers, sign boards, school curriculum, Government offices, etc ..  what comes next? Would shopkeepers stop selling us stuff if we don’t ask in Kannada? How much time  would it take to reach insane levels, if it hasn’t by now? Why don’t they ‘educate’ non-kannadigas rather than forcing something down their throat. Wouldn’t it put them off an otherwise beautiful and rich language forever? Preserve you culture/language… But don’t try to convert others..Let each one of us have the freedom of ‘speech’ (in literary sense as well)

6 thoughts on “No English please…..

  1. Haha! Even in Karnatka, i thought this insecurity prevails only in Mumbai, i think every state in India should insist on Hindi which by the way is the “second” largest spoken language in the world after Mandarin(Chinese)

    Every nation needs cohesion for progression, am very sure
    Hindi is the key. Another could be cricket ;P

    Dhanyawaad 🙂

    P.S. A 3 second question(be honest):

    How/What do u say koshish in Hindi ?

  2. Pathania:
    I am not too sure about Hindi being the unifying factor in our country..
    Koshish? Isnt that “Cheshta” in hindi? I didn’t quite get the question 😦

  3. You got the question right. 🙂 I prefer Hindi over English. Eventhough am an English (Honours) pass out from South Campus, Delhi University.

    I shared a dream with you i.e. Hindi as our National Langauge (in real sense) NOT bengali, gujrati, tamil or even assamese. But I guess that’s what India is all about. 🙂

    Koshish = Cheshta, Pryaas, Pryatn 🙂

  4. Preserving culture and language forcefully …someone should preserve their common sense is what I would say 😛

    Actually they are allowing people to adapt to this city as their own , just by imposing Kannada every where. End of the day , its their loss. If you accept someone as house mate , he will give you what he has , if you treat someone as guest , end of the day he will take what he wants and go to his own house.

  5. Swati:
    Well said indeed! A little bit of common sense would have taken our culture to a far greater height! They are diminishing the respect of their own language (I wouldn’t say culture because I am sure they themselves are not aware of any!If they did, they wouldn’t be behaving this way..)

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