Looks do count!

A few days back Mayank came to visit me and showed his mobile phone. It was the first time I was seeing an IPhone in real. Needless to say, It bowled me over! It was so sleek that I thought it would fall off my hands! I was completely smitten and decided that THIS is going to be my next phone (I was ready to compromise on certain features that it lacked)! The pricing wasn’t too bad either.  He had got it for Rs.18,500  from U.S. But with the new IPhone costing around Rs.31,000, and so many features lacking in it, I am not too sure if I can afford to go for it 😦 .

6 thoughts on “Looks do count!

  1. hey puja, thi iphone is awesom..i just reviewd it..in fact i want one too..but face the same delima that you do..lack of funds..hehehe..wish u luck with urs..

  2. Suni:
    Even if funds get available, I am not too sure of buying this particular phone now.. Can’t see it as value for money, especially if it is priced 3 times than what it is sold at in U.S. (read the comment from Amardeep Sidhu)

    Amardeep Sidhu:
    Ridiculous it is! Not only for the absurd pricing but also the twisted business sense.. But I also think the status quotient of the phone might attract quite a number of buyers..

  3. Its attracting actually. No doubt, its a revolution in the field of mobile phones. If you have seen and used, it really feels great. An awesome piece of technology. But the way Apple brought it to the market, not selling independently is purely ridiculous and some strange business sense. Cant understand what they want to prove…

    Whatsoever we would miss it as of now 😦

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