Monty is back –

– With a vengeance!!

Vengeance on whom?? Us, the viewers??

I can’t bear to see one of my favourite movies being assaulted by H.R. (as he is ‘fondly’ called by his fans). As it is, he has killed the soul of the music that was the high point of the original. God knows what he is going to do to the movie.. Didn’t they learn from what happened to the remakes of ‘Don'(which was still lot better than rest of the movies that were released then), and of course ‘Sholay’? Oh, and BTW, was the ‘zzz’ in ‘karzzz’ put just as an indication of the effect that the music and the movie are going to have on the audience??

9 thoughts on “Monty is back –

  1. Dew

    Any remake of yesteryears is a bad idea. The innocence, the whole charisma is lost in the process of presenting it to the so called newer generation. Why can’t they be original and present more movies like “Mumbai Meri Jaan” or “Rock On” or movies that can execute some social message.

    To top it all, HR is the protagonist…hahahaha !! May be I would have shell’d out some money and taken the risk if it was someone else….

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