So, Whats new?

I am so tired of asking and replying to this seemingly simple and most frequently used question, especially while chatting. More so, when the person replies back by saying ‘Well nothing special, Just some bungee jumping and parasailing in the mountains, a much awaited promotion and yes, a planned trip to Coorg’. Oh! it burns me like hell’s fire, when I try and dig answer to the same question. In my case, it is ‘Nothing special at my end either. Just cleaning up the baby and her soiled clothes, feeding her a few times a day, some reading, eating, sleeping and yes, net-surfing too’. Seriously! Can anything be more boring than this??!! I did try to go out and have some time for myself, but no, it didn’t work. All the time I was thinking of my baby at home (though safe and sound and yes, happy too with my mother). I couldn’t even enjoy the ambience of the Italian Cafe and the taste of a well brewed coffee. All the time I could hear just one word in my head -‘clingy’. Yes, thats what I have become now – A clingy mother. Surprisingly, my daughter shows no such traits. Babycentre mails had warned me that she might cry when I go out of her sight. She would want to hang on to me, and not let go. But no, my baby does none of that. She is all smiles even when I wave a teary-eyed good-bye to her, as long as she knows there is ‘someone’ around. And even that ‘someone’ is for the honorary sake. She is busy clapping and babbling to herself. Yes, its a great trait and I know many mothers would want to exchange places with me. But I really wish the feeling of clinginess to be reciprocated( so as not to feel left out and stupid)!!

P.S. This post has many exaggerated instances and was written in one of my cranky moods!

4 thoughts on “So, Whats new?

  1. justanothermommydiary says:

    Ah, I totally know what you mean.
    I will inform the International Commission of Obsession Awareness. I am currently the only client being treated – in vain!

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