Thank You Diya-

– for giving me company when I sing to you. (so, what if it is just HaaAAaa or HmmMM, it sounds sweeter than any melody that I have ever heard..)

someone please tell me that this is the real reason behind her singing and not the fact that I can be real ‘besuri’ at times and she just wants to drown my voice by raising hers

4 thoughts on “Thank You Diya-

  1. justanothermommydiary says:

    Oh, she is just trying to sing because she hears you singing. Seriously! she is too little to be manipulative 🙂
    ahem – same situation in my house too.

  2. justanothermommydiary:
    Ha! who knows what goes inside that small head of theirs!
    So, you do know how difficult it is to make them sleep.. How can you sing when the sounds that they make get you laughing continuously 🙂

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