Life is good –

– with friends around ..

So what if you have never actually met them. You talk to them almost every other day, you know what is happening in their lives, you can relate to their views and thoughts, you even know what they dream about. On certain days when you are feeling low, reading their blogs give you a warm comfort. Its actually like a hot cup of coffee on a rainy day.

And so, life is good when you have such wonderful friends. It gets better with an award like this:

Thanks SS, Swati for this wonderful award!!

I pass it on to

Abha: for her warm and captivating writing that makes you visit her blog over and over again.

MM: for letting us in and meeting her wonderful family, also letting me experience various shades of motherhood through her experiences.

~nm: for being nice and choosing a varied list of things to write about..

6 thoughts on “Life is good –

  1. thankee!!!!! πŸ˜€

    btw, since we are in the city we should catch up and take this friendship beyond blogs!

    plus ladka aur ladki ko milna bhi toh chahiye! :p


  2. Hey – you’re back! With so many posts!
    Diya’s pics are so cute – she’s got cute li’l teeth peeping out. Shoes and handbags – a girl after your own heart no? Sigh – something us moms of boys never get to experience!

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