Arranged marriage

How much can you make out about a person through his pictures? A lot, if you would have asked Heena. Or perhaps that was the only way she could have sketched the kind of person she was going to marry. She had met him only once with a dozen other relatives for company. He was well dressed and it was the only comforting thought for her. The request for his photo albums was not received too positively by her as well as his relatives. For them, even  the thought of letting them alone in a room for five minutes was scandalous enough. As she browsed through the pictures, she found herself getting relaxed enough to manage a smile. Aarif was a smart guy, probably very popular in his social circle. He loved swimming and rock climbing. And it seemed that he was not as conservative as the rest of his family. He mingled freely with girls, laughed and danced with them. Not a bad prospect at all, considering that she had wanted a similar lifestyle for herself too. All that remained was a hope that this doesn’t turn out to be just an illusion like it did in case of her friend Aanya who married the person she knew and loved. Her more liberal friends ridiculed her for allowing her parents to choose her groom even in this era of freedom. But she was sure that this was no different from their idea of a love marriage. After all you don’t know a person completely until you start living with him/her. A few meetings, a shared cup of coffee is no different than hearing the family gossips about him or looking at the pictures like she did. Both have their risks of getting cheated. And so, she allowed herself to be led into a fate of which she had gathered knowledge as much as she could. The known and the unknown elements lent their own charm to the new life she was about to step into.

3 thoughts on “Arranged marriage

  1. 🙂

    beautiful post Puja.

    I have always believed marriage is a gamble. yet at the same time, i feel at least a few meetings are required to at least get the feel of the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with!


  2. Nawal:
    As Abha pointed out, marriage is a gamble, whether you arrange it on your own or let you let others arrange it for you. There is nothing good or bad about it…
    Read your post on it – Interesting 🙂

    Thanks dear! Yes, you need to atleast have some idea about the person you are getting married to and a direct interaction is required.

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