“Sorry Bhai”

So many times have I come across movies that make me feel sorry for the story being wasted due to their rough execution.. “sorry bhai” is one of those..
warning: spoilers ahead
Despite the strong plot, wonderful cast, the movie fails to evoke emotions for any of the characters portrayed.. I don’t know why ‘Aaliya’ gets attracted to ‘Siddharth’ in the first place. Isn’t he as boring as her fiance himself? The interaction between ‘Aaliya’ and ‘Siddharth’ is no different from that between any other devar-bhabhi you can come across. Then what attracts them to each other? Why doesn’t ‘Harsh’ react more strongly to the confession of his brother? And the gem of all – why does a mother suggest a ‘live-in’ relationship when the couple involved is keen on marriage??

8 thoughts on ““Sorry Bhai”

  1. That was a short but accurate review. Sad that the mesmerizing Chitrangada has only worked in “sounds great, felt dull” movies after the wonderful Hazaron Khwahishein. Hope she gets better scripts soon, India deserves a powerful actress like her. Would love to see her doing “aaj rapat jayein” in a Namak Halal remake. Hyuk hyuk

    Thanks for visiting, kal. Cubby can’t get his first date out of his mind. Been going Di–yaah, Dee-yaah…

    • Vidooshak:
      Even I was expecting more from the cast… but what could they do with such faulty direction…

      And hey, its been a great pleasure meeting you guys.. Esp the cutie pie!

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