True love?

It doesn’t take too long for ‘true love’ to turn into the ‘biggest mistake’ of your life!!!
So, all you reckless people out there, beware! and start taking your life a little more seriously.

11 thoughts on “True love?

  1. Abha:
    Oh!! Have come across a few people in recent past who fool themselves and others around by rambling about ‘true love’ when it is actually the stupidity that they themselves fail to realize… But of course with time it would take the shape of ‘the biggest mistake of my life’ line!!

  2. Aman.... says:

    Hey Puja,
    Got at your blog from Sidhu’s blog( . Well, there is indeed something called “true love” but sadly, people tend to believe that it will happen on-the-fly which doesn’t happen. It takes a lot to turn “love” into “true love” and most of take love as fun, tend to realize they were never in love in the first place!

    • Aman:
      Welcome to this space!! I am not denying the existence of true love.. But yes, as you said it doesn’t happen just like that.. You don’t wait for circumstances to tell you that you are in love, or try to cash on the other person’s vulnerability, or even at times owe it to the lack of love in the other person’s life. True love comes from within. And it leads you to do the right thing in life..not to the path of destruction(of yours as well as the other person’s life)..

  3. Puja,
    Irony is that people believe that they are going to fall in love or worse, they will find love. Both are never going to happen. One needs to create love, create dedication for it. Its some thing which is so so tough to do.Its easy to make 100s phone calls to say, I love you , give gifts, do on dates. What really is required to stand with the loved ones when they need you the most. When no one is with them, stand besides them and face everything.
    Sadly, now a days, its more fun than love. Doing destruction of your loved one is something like killing yourself. You love someone to give up everything of yours, every happiness of yours and still be happy because you have done it for someone so important, more than you even.
    Aah, I guess I must stop it now or I shall keep on writing. Good blog, keep it up. And thanks for the welcome,if you get time, do visit this mad guy’s blogs and sites too.

    • Aman,
      Right said! People take ‘love’ to ridiculous levels. They concentrate on the superficial aspects, while forgetting that the core of love is its purity. They tend to pollute it through their selfish thoughts and manipulative intentions…
      And thanks for liking the blog.. I did visit yours, and really liked the Oracle section.. Good work indeed ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Puja,
    About the love part, I shall just say that its more easier said than done. It takes ALOT to be actually in love, its not easy to give up you to find you. Its not easy to lose everything and still feel “complete”. But, despite all this, I do feel that people somehow don’t belive on these thoughts anymore. They seem to think about all this(and thoughts like this) as old fashioned, boring. Coming up from some one who has “been there, done that” and had “his hands burnt”.

    And thanks for liking the blog.. I did visit yours, and really liked the Oracle section.. Good work indeed

    Ar you sure, you went over my blog ;-)? Reason being, on my blog, except oracle, I do write about everything all the time. I don’t get to write much about oracle despite of the fact that this is the only thing which makes me feel really excited and pumped up to get up everyday and go to work. But anyways, thanks for the kind words and I welcome you to read my random ramblings also(besides oracle).

    • Aman:
      Well, I guess they have their own reasons to think and feel the way they do!

      And yes, I did like the Oracle stuff… Trivial things – that very few people know about!

  5. Puja,
    Hmm, not sure. I have been given some of the most bizzar reasons so far. But , as a true Aquarian , I never did bother to change myself for others.
    And yes, I did like the Oracle stuffโ€ฆ Trivial things – that very few people know about!
    Aah, you made my day with that comment, I mean it. I don’t know “much” about Oracle, just some bits from here and there ;-).
    Keep on writing. I am going to add your blog over my blog roll.

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