Just married!!!

I woke up to a very pleasant surprise this morning… Just outside the main gate, there were balloons and colored ribbons and the sign of ‘Just Married’. I was speechless for a second! It is our eighth marriage anniversary today, and I wondered who had taken the pains to wish us in this special way!! As it turned out, it were our neighbors from the floor below 🙂 Its amazing how the Verghese family remembered the date and then took the effort to wish us in this unusually sweet manner 🙂
What do you remember about the days, months and years you spend with a person? The pleasure trips, the fights, the closeness, distance, the merger of personalities, the unreasonable arguments, the cajoling, laughter, silence, the road blocks, crisis, milestones …..???
Can anything surpass the intimacy that a married couple share? The security which comes along with the marriage vows leads to the acceptance we have for each others’ flaws, mistakes and sometimes even crimes. It is that force which keeps our hopes alive – and not let us stray away from the priorities in our lives. And in case, one of us does so, the same force tugs us back in the comfort and warmth of the home that we build.

9 thoughts on “Just married!!!

  1. oye! its your anniv!! Happy Anniversary to you guys! you are such a lovely n loving couple! wishing you many many years of such happiness and love!

    and thats super sweet of your neighbours! 🙂


  2. Sweet people always get sweet neighbors. Frankly, I am not surprised. Looking at you guys, anyone would assume you were “just married” (until they saw Dia.. and even then I guessed wrong). Wishing you many more decades of togetherness.

    Er.. this is an occasion for party, na, that means? Can we come back and continue where we left off (the raita and the dal)….???

    • Roop Rai:
      Seriously!! Its soooo sweet that I am still smiling 🙂 Small things that people do make the day soooo special, na?

      And about the baby, well thanks a lot! We are alll soo relieved and happy here, especially because S had to undergo a lot of pain before this guy decided to make an appearance 🙂

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