Action replay…

When I see S struggling with her numerous queries and anxieties dealing with her baby and motherhood in general, it makes me go back in time when I dealt with the similar issues. And yes, the online mommies did make things easier for me to deal with. I found out that it wasn’t me alone who was overwhelmed with joy and stress, excitement and fatigue, and numerous other emotions that usually strike a new mother. It also helped in underplaying the expectations which the entire world (read family and sometimes even yourself) has from you. And so, I do give credit to all those Mom-blogs for contributing towards the happiness I have received and enjoyed for all these months… May this community flourish and help in spreading more awareness and joyful experiences πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Action replay…

  1. so did you give her links to all the cool mommy blogs?? it was a great stressbuster for me! about the only time i laighed in first 4months! πŸ™‚ it was mainly Parul! god bless her!


    • Abha:
      Unfortunately she is not an avid net-surfer 😦 But then I try to compensate that through the narration of my own experiences, and whatever I come across in the blogs !!

    • Dew:
      πŸ™‚ D used to be Abhijit’s student in SqlStar, Bangalore… I got to know him better after he shifted to a place near ours after his marriage with S. Its been a couple of years since I know them, and would have to admit that I haven’t seen many women who are as strong as S!!!

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