Your time starts now!!!

I have decided to go back to work…Of course there are still a few ‘only if’ conditions to be fulfilled like having Diya’s grandparents(either side) over to come and stay with us. But I am glad that I have finally overcome the uncertainty and doubts that I had about joining work again.
I have been reading a lot of blogs lately that tell me about the experiences of a working mother. And most of them have been encouraging so far. The only thing I am a bit skeptical about is whether i might regret missing certain phases of the child’s growing up years. But then there always are certain trade offs which can be done to ensure that you spend a good amount of time with your family.
Oh but before all that, I have to get myself updated with the latest in technology. Its been almost 2 years, and the database world has moved far ahead and so it is going to be one difficult task for me. But who cares!! I am back in the race of learning and my time starts NOW!

9 thoughts on “Your time starts now!!!

  1. All the best! And it may be a bit tough but being a working mom is very much doable.

    Which aspect in life doesn’t have any pros and cons? So don’t worry too much πŸ™‚

    • ~nm:
      Thanks… My own mother has been a working mom for over 20 years.. And I believe that we became more independent than other kids of our age at that time. The downside has been the cold lunches after school, and the guilt that my mother nurses till date.. I hope to get past the downsides and make it work for all of us. (but then it might be a couple of months before I get the job or Diya’s grandparents over to stay with us…)
      Adult conversations? You brought the hidden desire out in open for me! I love spending time with and talking to Diya, but at the end of the day, I feel the need to talk about thousand other things under the sun – politics, cinema, sports or just plain gossip!
      Thanks dear! There are many companies which promise the work-life balance thing. But I am yet to find the dream job which suits my requirements…. A says that such custom made jobs might not be possible in India – esp in the current market situation 😦
      Amardeep Sidhu;
      Thanks!! I am sure to need all the wishes that there possibly can be πŸ™‚
      Thanks dear!!!
      I agree that the support system is the first requirement… And that is why I am not hurrying up into any job as of now. Just waiting for the Diya’s grandparents to come and stay with us. Thanks!

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