Bad bad weekend :-(

Its been a really rough weekend for us with Diya down with gastroenteritis since Friday morning 😦
What broke my heart was the sight of a listless and sad looking baby who is otherwise very active..

This has been the major part of her diet since Friday morning…

Get well soon Baby !!

8 thoughts on “Bad bad weekend :-(

  1. Oh… So sad…. Get well soon baby… I guess its the case every where… my lil one was down too… but feeling better today. Diya will be fine very soon… shall pray for her.

  2. SS:
    Thanks for your mail….It was a big comfort 🙂

    Welcome to the blogging world!!! Just saw your blog… always knew that you are an all-’round’er (is that a correct word?)
    And hey, how is the baby now? Diya looked better this morning, but still a little listless..
    Thanks for your prayers and wishes 🙂

    Thanks dear! its really heart breaking to see such little dolls in so much pain and discomfort…

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