I take my words back….

This book is not as bad and boring as my previous rant suggested!!!

There was a dull phase but then it did get interesting until the final twist in the story which I thought was too cliched.

And there was this interesting para which I relate to perfectly when it comes to some of my favorite books:

Last night, when I came to the end of Bleak House, I found myself strangely reluctant to put it away. Reading it for so long, I had become a part of that world, of the lives of the characters; it was hard to wrench myself away from them. I must say I’ve rarely had such pleasure from a book. Pleasure? No, that’s not the right word. Satisfaction, then? Yes, that’s it; it gave me great satisfaction, so much so that I’ve decided I will read no other book after this. I imagine it’s the same feeling which made Jiji refuse to drink water after she’d eaten something she enjoyed hugely. ‘I want to keep the taste of it in my mouth’, she would say. Yes, i want to keep the taste of this book in my mouth. No more books for me.

Moving on – by Shashi Deshpande, pg 301.

So, what would be the next book for me? It would be either

‘The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova’

as suggested by ~nm or ‘The white Tiger by Arvind Adiga’ – whichever I get first!!

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