The Pink Chaddi campaign..

It never sounded too convincing to me. Though I was agitatated at what the Ram sena did in Mangalore, I was equally apalled at the idea of sending him Pink Chaddis as a mark of protest. I don’t doubt the intentions of those behind this campaign, but I do believe it would not serve the purpose they are fighting for.

Roop Rai has written these very thoughts on this, and since I couldn’t have written or explained better, I would just point the link to her post….


Got an interesting article on ibnlive blogs. Read it here

2 thoughts on “The Pink Chaddi campaign..

  1. Shabnam says:

    These are nothing but according to me…ways to attract attention/hype as it is called, when elections are round the corner or whatever…! Perhaps, he was motivated to do something different when Raj Thakeray was subsided 😀

    • Shabnam:
      True… The Mangalore thing did to Muthalik what nothing else could… He became a celebrity overnight (loved by some and hated by many). That was the very reason he carried out that episode. I refuse to believe that it had anything to do with his ‘love’ for Indian culture..

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