Dear Friend

I was always sure of the path chosen,

for it was YOU who guided me.

And on the days which felt dull,

you did everything to inspire me.

But now I am tired,

the journey has reached its final stage.

Please take me to the shores that wash away the traces of life

And help me get out of the Maya‘s maze.

(Dew, this post of yours gave these lines their present form….)

2 thoughts on “Dear Friend

  1. Shabnam says:

    …& your lines inspired me to write a short poem :-),

    The moon dazzled above the sky,
    & the sea was calm and cool.
    I sat & gazed beyond the sphere,
    ….when the waves speckled my face…

    I stood against the shore,
    Firm enough to fight back…
    But it drowned me even more…
    & I left all my pain behind…
    Sank in the sea…the sea…that held me even close!

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