Love of my life !!!

‘A bad cook is the one’, they say

‘who is clumsy with the tools’.

‘If you’ve got too many cuts and bruises,

its time now to learn some basic rules’.

Judging by these parameters,

you are bound to make guesses

and question my basic culinary skills

in preparing the nine courses.

But let me make one thing clear

that cooking is something which I can surely handle.

And by preparing the exotic dishes,I confess

my deep love for the woks and ladles!

– Dedicated to the recent burn marks inflicted on my right arm, thanks to the ‘exotic’ palak paneer that I cooked last sunday.

5 thoughts on “Love of my life !!!

  1. Shabnam says:

    Palak Paneer…wow 🙂 I guess, we both should start another cookery blog :-D…& also share our cooking experiences like these,…

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