No, its none of these books

– that I finished last week….

I couldn’t find ‘The Historian’ or ‘The white tiger’ in the book store near my place. But I happened to come across the title ‘Cuckold’ which sounded rather controversial. And then I saw who the writer was! Kiran Nagarkar has an impressive profile and I expected nothing less than brilliant despite the scandulous name for his book. I was not dissappointed. I loved the way he paints the picture of the otherwise (historically) invisible (atleast for the masses) husband of Saint Meerabai. It also helped in dispelling a few myths about the saint herself. I would recommend to anyone who has interest in Indian history and the glories associated with saints and warriors.


4 thoughts on “No, its none of these books

    • Abha:
      Lovely book, isn’t it? I couldn’t get over it for quite some time… It was great discovering Draupadi’s character in such a different way. The layers of emotions and reasoning a woman folds within herself are so mesmerizing, and yet as you start unfolding them one after another, you realize how simple the whole being is…

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