Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight – by Rujuta Diwekar

I am not a diet-person. I can’t skip meals. And I find it difficult to imagine people willing to sacrifice this basic requirement of life just to look and feel good (which, by the way is not guaranteed). I had put on around 7-8 kgs during my pregnancy, and have now lost all of it. But it took me 15months to do so. And I did not starve myself even for a day. Instead, I ate healthy, did some yoga almost daily, and adopted an active lifestyle(even while staying at home). I was (ill)advised by many to go for rigorous diet and exercise regimen, but thank goodness Common sense prevailed and I managed to stay out of all that.


This book has been a reassurance for my beliefs in eating and staying healthy. It doesn’t promise you any unattainable goals. Just listen to your body and it would help you in staying fit throughout your life…

Now, I won’t call it the best of the books available on health and nutrition, but it certainly does make sense, atleast to me. The language used by the author is the one you would hear on streets or your neighbourhood. But it is a light read and has some useful suggestions that one might implement easily in routine.

15 thoughts on “Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight – by Rujuta Diwekar

    1. pujathakur Post author

      Can I do my evil laugh just this once?
      ha ha ha!!!!
      I think the low number had to more to do with the complications that I faced in the pregnancy period. And in fact that is what led to a C-sec later on…
      But all is well that ends well, isn’t it? And so I am loving every moment of being back to what I was (though technically speaking, I still should get rid of a couple of kgs more.. But I am in no hurry!)

  1. nxgnutrition

    Good blog post.

    Well, you did well by not getting into any diet programs and starving yourself to becoming slim .

    Fitness and weight loss is a life long committment. Lose weight slowly gradually in a proper way for to last long.

    1. pujathakur Post author

      A sensible analysis of our food habits and a little adjustment to our lifestyle would really help us reach the goal (fitness and beauty)

  2. Vikram Sunoj

    Rujuta is one of the many, many fitness/gym instructors who claim to be a Dietitian. She isn’t qualified to speak about diet and claims to be a nutritionist, dietitian, sports nutritionist, wt loss expert and what have you?

    What a cheek! She has some audacity.

    Most of the fault is with the media and also with people (like us) who follow blindly whatever the media serves them. They never check the background of the story which the media dishes out. The media said Rujuta is a `Dietitian’ and everyone believed it.

    If you visit her profile on her website, you would see that she has done her BSc-Industrial Chemistry. Even if she deletes this info about her BSc (on reading my review), one has to just Google it to find it all over the net. She then CLAIMS to have done a course in nutrition. Which even if she has done, doesn’t qualify her to be a Dietitian.

    As per Dietetic bodies across the world including the British Dietetic Association, to be a Dietitian, one has to have done their Bachelors in Dietetics and then a Masters in the same. Does Rujuta have these qualifications? No! So pray why are all of you reading her book? Would you read a book about architecture written by a farmer? No isn’t it? So why read a book about weight loss written by a non-dietitian?

    Does she even have some work experience in the `diet’ business? (apart from the fake diet she dished to poor Kareena). NO. Refer her biodata on her website, there is NO MENTION of any work experience, in any field. Bet she will add some work exp after reading this review. A cooked work experience for sure. All of you deserve to be fooled by her. She is way smarter then all you readers put together. Ha ha.

    There are highly qualified REAL (and not wannabes) Dietitians in India (ppl who have Bachelors and Masters degrees and Phds in Nutrition). These are people who have studied Nutrition for over 5-7 yrs. So pls visit them or read their books and not a book by a fitness trainer who claims to be a dietitian

  3. fourreasons

    Liked your review. Loved the common-sense appeal of the book. I agree it might not be the best book on health and nutrition but it’s a really “zen” book nonetheless, probably because of her yoga background.
    thanks for posting


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