The White Tiger – by Arvind Adiga


This Booker Prize winner (2008) is an interesting read which tells the tale of social injustice in its own unique way. Though it is difficult to relate to the main character in the beginning, yet as the story progresses, you start feeling his pain and desperation to come out of the ‘servant’ class and mindset. Through the numerous metaphors used, one gets the feeling of floating in the narrative that does tend to get predictable after a while.

It had been a breezy read and though I enjoyed it thoroughly, yet I would have preferred Amitav Ghosh’s ‘Sea of Poppies’ over this one for the award!

2 thoughts on “The White Tiger – by Arvind Adiga

  1. I haven’t read Sea of Puppies but The White Tiger did made an interesting read. Though, he loses the hold by the time he ends the story. The ending part could have been better. It seems to be done in sort of hurry.

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