Not bad at all!!

I had decided not to make the list of resolutions official this year. But then its me, and I am known to eat my own words on numerous occasions! And the wonder of wonders! I did manage to strike a few from my list!!!

I did get rid of a few kgs, and am looking forward to shedding a few more – atleast I am half way there!

I finally got a domain for myself!!! As of now, it points to this blog only, and I am planning to keep it until I get more money toΒ  buy the website builder and other add-ons! The domain is DIYAA.IN (I should thank a couple of friends and family members for getting me DO something about this one, shall we call it item no. 6 on the list? though technically, it was item no.5!)

I have started going out and meeting people more than what I used to do earlier. And surprisingly (to myself), it felt good, and even liberating at times.

The others are still on there way to be fulfilled, and I am hoping that the zeal won’t fizzle out…

7 thoughts on “Not bad at all!!

  1. Puja,
    Don’t waste any nickels over buying any website builders or anything like that. They are all complete waste. I suggest to use Joomla for making your website. If you need some help, ask Sidhu (or even me also) and I guess, you will have your website running in no time. You want to see the output of Joomla, check our websites, aristadba dot com & amardeepsidhu dot com.

    And hey, its a small world. I have been to Solan so so many times, got a student from there too in my class. Himani Resorts is the place where I stay all the time and guess what, you are from there too! Good to hear that. Enjoy your vacations!

  2. Mountain Man says:

    I wonder why you might want to call it item 6?
    You could call it item 5 or item 4 (if you start count from zero).
    But 6? Somebody needs to go back to kindergarten and learn counting …

    • Mountain Man:
      Yes, even I wondered so… you see, a friend of mine mentioned that in a mail, and I just repeated it over here… I would convey the kinder garden suggestion to him/her.

      And hey, are you suggesting in a (not so) subtle manner that I should take up English as the foreign language?

  3. Mountain Man says:

    Now, I love picking on errors of grammar and style. And while I am at it, why not go the full distance?
    I can see the Queen turning in her grave; clearly anguishing over the decision to bring English to India.

    1. “But then its me” should be “But then it’s me”

    2. “from my list” should be “off my list”

    3. “points to this blog only” makes me feel sick. Rewrite as “points only to this blog”. The “only” is redundant and it is best to just drop it.

    A couple more but you get the drift, right?

  4. My name is being called…great πŸ˜‰

    Yea seriously, no need to spend money on these stupid tools. They are of no use. Either go for custom coding or Joomla/ Drupal. These are totally GUI based and very simple to use. Ping for any {free} help πŸ˜‰

    • Amardeep Sidhu:
      hey thanks a lot for the help, re! And as I had mentioned in the other comment, all that is on hold as of now.. Would consult you before spending money, since you do have experience in designing and maintaining your website….

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