And they criticised us …

….. for cancelling the tour…

I hope that they understand now the reason why Indian Cricket team had decided to call off the pak-tour. This tragic and shameful incident should make them realize that the serpent they had been raising for so long is turning its head towards their own country.

Isn’t it a shame that they who rubbished our fears as baseless did nothing to avoid what had been predicted for so long?

4 thoughts on “And they criticised us …

  1. Its really tragic what happened to the Sri Lankan team but it proved one point to the entire globe, there are indeed dangers lying across the other side of our borders.

    A really tragic event!


  2. its horrible! i had no clue. thank god no one got seriously hurt.

    what a shame indeed.

    and i don’t think it cowardice when you take a well informed decision based on facts and situation! India doesnt need to answer anyone for canceling the tour!

    • Abha:
      Right.. I don’t know why people have such romantic(and stupid) notions about bravery (hey, I would suggest ‘Cuckold’ to you. It touches this aspect of courage and bravery). And it is not only in life-threatening events like these, but in various other aspects as well..

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