What do you do

when a slight pain in the tummy turns out to be something as serious as gall-bladder cancer in its advanced stage? And you are not even ‘old’ .. You  have not yet enjoyed even the basic pleasures that life might have had to offer. But you had dreams. A lot of them. And you were working towards making them true. You were tirelessly trying to rebuild old ties and let go of bad ones. You looked forward to each and every day, hoping that it would bring something new and happy.

And then one single medical report kills everything. Or does it?

12 thoughts on “What do you do

  1. Steve Jobs said once in one of his speeches, “its always said that live every day like its the last day of your life but when it actually happens than only you realize how horrifying it is”. Indeed it will just shatter everything in and around that unfortunate soul. It doesn’t matter how lively one is, no one want to die and no one does happily. Who has suffered this ill-fate?

    • Aman:
      Well said.. And as I was mentioning to another friend of mine today, there can be only two ways how one can handle this tragedy – either fight it or run away from it.. And the person concerned has taken to fight it in all possible ways..

      She is a close relative.

    • Abha:
      Thanks re.. I am sure these prayers would help her cope with the pain and inconveniences associated with the illness..
      As for death, can anything ever prepare us for that?

  2. Puja,

    I am not really very good in saying sweet words but I shall pray that God must ease the pain of the person and shall bless him/her with the strength to fight.


  3. myamusingmind says:

    I hope God gives you and your family member and all the near and dear one strength to face whats in store. I am sure all will be good. May God bless!

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