Privacy issues

I got the doman DIYAA.IN from INDIATIMES a couple of months back, and pointed it to my blog url. Now, everything was fine until a (blog)friend woke me up from my sleep. He told me that my address, phone numbers and other details were all there on the internet, thanks to the tool WHO.IS!!! Now that did get me worried. I immediately called up INDIATIMES guys and was given senseless explanations.

– .in domain doesn’t come under privacy terms, and so we didn’t cover up your details (whatever that means!) – by some lady named Nidhi at Indiatimes.

– People usually buy the domains for business purposes (read reselling) and hence want their information to be made public. You are the first one who is complaining about her details being given to the readers (Now that got me stumped!My domain  might be public- that is how it is supposed to be, but my personal info is not.. Is there NOT EVEN A SINGLE PERSON who wants the domain just for him/herself? And are they not concerned about their security being compromised in this manner?) – by some lady named Richa at Indiatimes.

Just to make it more clear, the information splashed on the internet was the one I gave for registration purposes, and at NO PLACE was it mentioned that this would be given to the third party tools and are public by DEFAULT.  I didn’t come across any such  disclaimer by Indiatimes, though on deeper analysis, I found out that it was mentioned in

Whew! The things that these fine prints can do to you!!!

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