From dawn to dusk

She read out the pages of her life to me

and I could smell their tragedy.

Like a newly bought book  the moments were crisp,

living out their destiny.

I sensed the loneliness in her eyes

and tears in her faint smile.

And as she showed me the scars on her soul

I could see the effect of people’s wiles

I find her struggling with herself,

her memories of past and a grim present.

I see her trying to find some meaning

as she walks from sunrise to sunset.

8 thoughts on “From dawn to dusk

  1. Mountain Man says:

    “Like a newly bought book the moments were crisp,

    living out their destiny.”

    That by itself is worthy of an applause.

  2. really beautiful poem…

    all of us go through life from sunrise to sunset but it takes something like this to shake us up and then pause and try find meaning while we rush through our lives…

    really lovely!

    • Thank you 🙂

      There are moments in our lives when we get the opportunity to share the pain of the other person, and its then that we take a pause and peep into our inner selves. The pain and angst that we observe in others is nothing but a reflection of what we ourselves go through in our lives. As my mother mentioned to me once – no one cries for the dead one in a funeral, its themselves that they feel sorry for.

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